Does Apple have virtual reality glasses?

Does Apple have virtual reality glasses?

November 27, 2018 0 By Kurt Nealing

Apple is the world’s most valuable technology company. Its products are typically the gold standard and are path-breaking in its innovation. So it is only natural for people to wonder if they have released their own VR headset.

Unlike Google and Samsung, Apple has not released a Virtual Reality headset or other tools for the platform. But this does not mean they will never release one. According to multiple sources, Apple is working hard toward unveiling an Augmented Reality (AR) device which can also be used for VR.

Since 2014, Apple has been shoring up its talent pool with AR and VR specialists. Recently, the company has also patented several AR and VR related technologies.

 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook termed AR to be as big as iPhone in terms of being a technological trailblazer. The Cupertino giant is super secretive about its development program. But as per news reports in the media, it is reportedly working on an 8K screen for each eye as a part of the AR setup. They acquired VR headset startup  Vrvana in 2017.

Microsoft has already released their first ‘ Mixed Reality Headset’ the HoloLens. It is currently aimed at developers and commercial organisations. But in the next year or so, expect to see a retail grade AR headset from the company.

Apple plans to build a standalone headset that connects wirelessly with an AR processor. The headset will also provide next-generation sound technology that brings AR to life.

 As per reports in Bloomberg, Apple is planning to launch its AR devices by early 2020.

Per reports, Apple has chosen to ignore VR is due to the health concerns related to using the technology. Due to the isolating nature of the tech, many people feel motion sickness when using VR headsets. Apple believes that despite the current craze, the impact of VR will still be limited until they find a solution to the Cybersickness problem.

Since AR does not isolate your eyes and brings a new view to your existing reality, the chances of feeling nausea are very small when compared with VR. HoloLens users rarely feel nauseous or motion sickness after using the AR headset.

So by jumping on the AR bandwagon, Apple can keep up their reputation and still be early to the market with their AR offering.

 Although Apple doesn’t have a headset offering, most of the current market offering starting from Google Cardboard to the numerous Chinese brands, work with current iPhones. There are many iPhone compatible games and apps available in the iTunes and Oculus Stores. So do not let the lack of headset stop you from trying out the simulated world of virtual reality.

 Apple believes in bringing simple ideas to life in a spectacular way. As the mobile phone markets stagnate, the Cupertino based company is bound to come up with something that the consumers will stand in a line for hours to buy. Apple’s AR headset might just be the thing we all need.